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#43 – Islamic Mindfulness

In the intricate tapestry of Islamic tradition, the threads of mindfulness are deeply interwoven, particularly within the mystical realm of Sufism. Mindfulness in Islam, often referred to as "muraqaba" or self-vigilance, is about a conscious awareness of the Divine presence in every moment of life. Sufism, the spiritual dimension of Islam, holds mindfulness as a…

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#39 – Don’ts

Stop doing these things: Don't lie to yourself. You know what you want. Don't be jealous of someone you don't even want to aspire to be like. Don't take your blessings, no matter how small, for granted. Don't take criticism to heart from people you wouldn't even ask for advice. Don't argue with people who…

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#35 – Write

Currently reading Maktub by Paulo Coelho. This part resonated with me: The master says: "Write! Whether it's a letter, a diary, or just some notes as you speak on the telephone - but write! In writing, we come closer to God and to others. If you want to understand your role in the world better,…

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