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#7 – Decisions & Principles

Choices. Every day we are confronted with hundreds if not thousands of choices to be made. I know my weaknesses and one of them is after a decision was made, thinking “What If..?” or “I should have..” I am really trying hard to avoid that thinking but the harder I try the more I do it. To give you some examples:

  • We should’ve gone to the beach rather than going into the city.
  • We should’ve eaten at home rather than going out.
  • We should’ve booked a hostel rather than sleeping in an Airbnb.
  • We should’ve gone to South East Asia rather than South Africa.
  • Etc. Etc. Etc. Etc.

… I wonder where this back-and-forth thinking is coming from. Why do I have to question myself every once in a while my decisions? It doesn’t happen in a particular area in life, it is spread throughout my life.

Today, as it happened again and was affecting our day negatively, I wondered where this came from. I finished my audiobook from Mark Manson, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck (I didn’t vibe with the book, except for the last three chapters)  and I needed a new book. My partner Valon Asani recommended the book Principles from Ray Dalio to me. I just started to listen to it but I already know where my decision-thinking came from:

  • poorly defined principles.

He states in his book that with clear and written principles, by which you “Walk the Talk”, your decisions will be clear. So as I am listening to this audiobook and “almost” sitting in quarantine in Switzerland – I want to write down all my principles and manifest them. Based on my principles, decisions will be executed quickly and if my principles are strong enough, I won’t question them.

Sargans, Switzerland

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