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#22 – 29 years with 29 thoughts

Last week I turned 29 and I just wrote down 29 thoughts I had in mind. Each one of them is and might become its own post. Just sharing how it is with you.

  1. Life’s beautiful.
  2. Pray.
  3. Say the truth.
  4. Time > Money.
  5. Make mistakes. The older you get, the more expensive lessons will be.
  6. Own your mistakes.
  7. Learn from your mistakes.
  8. Guilt-free free time > free time with guilt.
  9. Family first. Time spent with family is worth every second.
  10. Travel. Yes, all around the globe.
  11. Embrace new cultures.
  12. Trust your gut. If you don’t, blessings might turn into a curse.
  13. Read. A lot.
  14. Learn to code.
  15. Write. A lot.
  16. It is possible to have both. But not all.
  17. Question the status quo. Dare to not be normal.
  18. Connect the dots.
  19. Don’t overthink. It’ll be alright.
  20. Spend time with old friends! Stay in contact.
  21. Love. Be faithful.
  22. Ask for help and accept it when you receive it.
  23. Write down your principles and values.
  24. Mental health is as important as physical health. If not more important.
  25. Say “no”, if it isn’t a “hell, yes”.
  26. Remote-first is here to stay.
  27. No amount of money can remove remorse.
  28. If it doesn’t match your values and principles, just don’t do it.
  29. Build your personal brand, early.

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