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#12 – It Might Be In Front Of Your Nose

As we had to postpone our world trip because of this “situation”, my wife and I are staying in an Airbnb apartment in Sargans, Switzerland. It is mentally a challenge to not think about where we actually would have been as digital nomads traveling the world. So we tried to forget it and do something outside today because it was a beautiful, sunny Sunday.

We lived in this area our whole life but never thought about visiting some waterfalls in our region. Today was the day. We decided to trek to Berschnerfall in Berschis. We parked our car in the center of the village, we started to walk to the waterfall upriver. The walk alone was amazing. Listening to the sound of nature, hearing water splash around, and being in complete silence with nature to enjoy the moment. 

As we arrived at the waterfall, I was speechless. It was breathtaking. To all the countries we’ve been to and all the waterfalls we have searched and trekked to. This was by far, one of the most beautiful waterfalls we’ve seen and felt.

I was staring at the water falling down and a cold but refreshing breeze was blowing through my face. Then a thought popped into my head. In all our backpacking trips through South East Asia, we’ve been walking for hours of hours searching waterfalls but we never took the time to visit nature around us in our own hometown and home country.


Sargans, Switzerland

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