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#31 – Procrastination

By definition, procrastination is the habit of delaying an important task. It varies from laziness, which is the displeasure to act at all. By procrastinating we do act on an important task but in parallel, we also work on less important or more enjoyable tasks instead of finishing the one important task we started.

A habit is a system of behavior that is repeated mechanically and usually occurs subconsciously. It needs a lot of time and effort to form a habit. That is why it is so hard to not procrastinate. It’s a strong habit and for a habit to change you first need to fully recognize that you do it.

I had this a-ha moment when I was skimming through my old notebook. I saw that I have been procrastinating on this website ( since around 2017… wow. I never realized it. I found like 8-10 the notes “finish“, “finalize the design on website”, “create a blog article on etc. I’ve re-created this website at least 10 times with all different themes on different content management systems. I was never happy with it. I was stuck. Stuck at the improve vicious cycle.

Now the time came to hit publish.

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