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#15 – Read, But Better Watch What You Read!

I stopped reading media articles and newspapers a long time ago. To be honest, I only read them to see how and what people are reading to justify the reactions I come across within life. Since we had to postpone or “cancel” our world trip and came back to Switzerland until we’re ready to take off again, I needed some quality time with me. That’s why I wasn’t posting anything new the last couple of days… Which doesn’t mean I wasn’t writing.

But this topic, which all of you know, is now the main thing people care about. It fills out our newspapers, blogs, posts, podcasts, interviews, and news. Our government spoke this week, that they were going to extend the lockdown but ease some restrictions. Which is, indeed, something positive. But instead of focusing on the positive side, the media found ways to make people believe that this was the wrong move. It wasn’t economically nor scientific. It was just some posts on how bad certain things “could” be. Watch the words.. But people believe a lot of things and this caused another wave of fear and uncertainty.

So if you want to keep a clear mind -> stop reading and listening to the news/newspapers, I highly recommend this to you. If a certain subject interests you, go and do your own research.

Sargans, Switzerland

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