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#23 – Accept The Blessings

As I was watching the sunset in Vlora, Albania with my wife, daughter, and parents-in-law – I was absent at that moment and thinking of future events. Work that needed to be done, decisions that needed to be made, meetings that needed to be scheduled. I realized that even though God gifted me with one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life and the ability to spend that moment with my loved ones, I was not appreciating the blessing at that specific moment.

The master says: “Make use of every blessing that God gave you today. A blessing cannot be saved. There is no bank where we can deposit blessings received, to use them when we see fit. If you do not use them, they will be irretrievably lost. God knows that we are creative artists when it comes to our lives. On one day, he gives us clay for sculpting, on another, brushes and canvas, or a pen. But we can never use clay on our canvas, nor pens in sculpture. Each day has its own miracle. Accept the blessings, work, and create your minor works of art today. Tomorrow you will receive others.”Maktub, Paulo Coelho

It’s the ability to enjoy and make use of the small things in life, that make life exciting.

Vlora, Albania

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