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#24 – Thoughts

I’ve read many things about the law of attraction and always found it very impressive. Simply by focusing all your attention on what you want to attract, you will eventually attract it. Is it really that easy? If it is, why don’t more people use that concept? Apparently, it’s not that easy because the sole thought is not enough. It’s not only the thinking, but it’s also the way we formulate what we think. For example, by saying “I never want to become like that!” our mind removes the “never” and what will stick is “I want to become like that!”.

But that’s another topic I’d like to discuss in a different post.

What I was thinking about today was the possibility to set things in motion just by thinking about it. What do I mean? As I was walking at the beach, I thought heavily about a response I was waiting to receive. I’ve not thought about the response before as I forgot it, but during the walk, I thought a lot about it and why I didn’t get it. I did not have my smartphone with me at that time. The moment I arrived at my apartment to check my emails, I saw that the e-mail arrived at the exact time I was thinking about it. This made me wonder if our thoughts can trigger certain events to happen. I know this sounds perhaps absurd, but I experienced similar situations multiple times previously. Especially with close family, friends, or my wife. The sole act of thinking about a person made them write or call me.

It feels like there’s a giant spider web around the world. This needs much more research, but sometimes it’s just best to experience wonders and appreciate them instead of questioning them.

Vlora, Albania

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