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#29 – Notes

There are two things I take with me all the time:

  • My E-Book Reader
  • My Diary / Notebook

I love hardcopy books, more than my e-book reader, but if I travel light, it’s my first choice because:

  1. I can take as many “books” as I want with me.
  2. I improve my English every time I read a book because I can long-press on a word to open a popup with the definition/dictionary.
  3. Words I look up are added to the vocabulary builder so I can look them up later.
  4. With “Word Wise”, I can see simple definitions and synonyms displayed inline above more difficult words while I read.

Just to mention some.

My notebook is with me for my daily notes incl. highlights from reading e-books, which I want to keep track of in two places.

Prishtina, Kosova

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