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#32 – Buying My First NFT-Cat (08/21)

The first time I heard about NFTs was in a podcast hosted by Tim Ferris in April 2021. Tim was talking to Vitalik Buterin (co-founder of Ethereum) and had his good friend Naval Ravikant join as a guest. So even though I am tech-savvy, I didn’t understand the concept right away. After the podcast, I forgot about NFTs, and last week I was talking to Valon and he made research about exactly this topic. I saw on Twitter how Gary Vaynerchuck was giving away free NFT cards, how Lenny Rachitsky created a NFT collection of his newsletter community and how Sahil put his Twitter profile pic (a picture of him, drawn by his wife) on auction. Then I was like, alright. I don’t need more signs. Time to buy my first NFT.

How I bought my first NFT cat:

  • First, I had to find out where best to buy NFTs. I saw that most of the people I followed on Twitter were using (the eBay for NFTs)
  • But in order to create an account there, I first had to create an account on, this is basically your crypto wallet which you need to connect to your account. You need to install the Brave or Chrome extension of MetaMask in your browser.
  • Then I had to buy (or transfer) ETH to your wallet. You can only buy NFTs on with ETH.
  • So back to MetaMask. You either have the possibility to buy ETH with a credit card or you can transfer it from another crypto wallet. I had a Kraken Account and bought ETH there and just transferred a small amount to my MetaMask account. (I transferred a small amount on purpose just to be sure that everything works)
  • After the ETH arrived in my MetaMask wallet (within 1 min) I was ready to purchase my first NFT.
  • Be careful what NFT you buy, unfortunately, everybody with an account on can upload NFTs to the platform which means there’s a lot of BS on there.
  • Following some research, I found the company CryptoKitties which was selling crypto cats on the platform. I really liked the idea as it reminded me of my childhood Tamagotchi time. So I welcomed Dieter Spicytot to the fam. 🙂

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