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#1 – Harnessing The Wind

When I first saw paragliding from below, it looked like it’s pretty easy. Gliding high in the sky and pulling the ropes to change directions. Yesterday, we were at the place where the paraglider starts their flights. It’s much harder than I thought. There were hundreds of small ropes, the very long wing, and wind blowing from each direction.

It looked difficult to bring it into the air, except for more trained people, the movements were really skilled and within an eye blink, they were flying. But that’s with every professional I thought. When a pro does something, it looks like it’s pretty easy, but we forget about the years of hard work before, we only see the success and our mind tricks us into thinking that it’s easy.

What astonished me even more, was the fact how the paraglider wing latched onto the wind and was gliding perfectly balanced, no matter how the wind blew. It adjusted and was very smooth. I remember thinking about life and that the wind blows from many directions and there will be obstacles, but if your mind is focused, relaxed, and trained, you’ll adjust and glide your way through it  – no matter how the wind blows.

Wildnerness, South Africa

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