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#2 – The Green Building

As I was driving to Port Elizabeth, South Africa with my wife, we saw a green building from far away. It had my attention since I saw it because it had the attributes of a mosque.

But even I was not quite sure.

So I told my wife, that this looks familiar with a mosque.

Her answer was that it is not a mosque. She has never seen a green mosque before.

I was surprised by her argument that only because she’s never seen a green mosque in her life, it couldn’t be a mosque. I did not continue the argument and was thinking to myself that this happens a lot in life. Just because we haven’t seen, felt, smelled, or touched something before, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. It’s our imagination that is limited and not the world.

And yes, as we drove next to the green building, I read the words “Masjid”, which is “Mosque” in Arabic. So it was indeed a beautiful green mosque.

Port Elizabeth, South Africa

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